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The Mojito: A Protection Potion

Drinkable Potion For Protection Lemon Verbena Mojito: 5 Fresh Lemon Verbena Leaves 5 Fresh Mint Leaves A wedge of Lime Simple Syrup or Sugar Club Soda or Sparkling Water A splash of White Rum (optional) Muddle the mint, lemon verbena in the bottom of a cocktail shaker or directly in your drink glass. You dont need to mush the leaves too harshly. Muddling bruises the leaves just enough to release the oils. Add rum (optional) squeeze of lime and the wedge, and simple syrup and handful of ice, shake until combined. Top off with sparkling water/club soda.

A Cuban classic, the Mojito has roots as early as 1586, making it one of the oldest mixed drinks still consumed today. Originally used as a treatment for Scurvy, the Mojito quickly earned a reputation as a potion that chased away bad spirits and bad luck, and imbued the drinker with protective magick. Lemon Verbena, Mint, & Lime all have connections to protection magicks. Lemon Verbena and Mint are good for your digestion and often help stave off indigestion. Rum and alcohol have antiseptic properties as well as recreational ones, making them favored offerings to deities. Mindfully prepare your potion to ritualize the experience. Give thanks to the leaves as you muddle them and connect with their plant spirit. Offer your spirits their own splash of rum as an offering, or prepare them a portion of the finished drink. Enjoy! P.S. Check out our selection of live herbs for fresh Lemon Verbena plants. Don't have space for live herbs? Dried Lemon Verbena and Dried Mint can be infused into rum or steeped into an oz of water overnight.

Originally Published: August 8th Making Magick Newsletter


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