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Ginger All The Way

Like most modern witches I tend to meld my secular traditions/seasons with my esoteric practice. For me, christmas is no different. A lot about the modern holiday season is magickal, especially the flavors. Ginger is an amazing holiday herb used both medicinally and magickally. Ginger has a storied history of being used to treat nausea and inflammation, as well as being used as a cold remedy, and it's warming action is lovely on a chilly day, especially in tea.

When used in Magicks, ginger is a powerful plant ally. Ginger is strongly associated with the Fire element, and Mars making it an excellent candidate for power, protection, and lust spells. It's also a wonderful ally in prosperity, luck, or healing works especially for lower chakras or digestive workings. Ways to use ginger: Real Ginger Ale or Tincture of Ginger is wonderful for nausea.. Ginger tea is often used in TCM to treat a non-productive cough. Ginger is sometimes used to treat menstrual cramps & PMS symptoms. *do not use ginger in medicinal doses if you are pregnant* A Ginger infused honey spell is amazing for abundance works. Many practitioners will often consume ginger before a work to raise their energy. Dried ginger in a mojo bag can help make your love life much more interesting. Gingerbread cookies make for tasty little love or luck poppet spells. Add ginger to your smoke cleansing blends to keep away malefic energies. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to ginger.

Originally published: Making Magick Newsletter Nov 28th 2022

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