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Hello Everyone,

Due to circumstances beyond my control, it's with a heavy heart that I am announcing the pending closure of our physical location.

Unfortunately, We have been unable to find a new location that is able to allow Ritual to exist as it does now, and I can't foresee finding anything suitable in the near future.

Thanks to all of you who have shopped, attended events, and donated to our gofundme my legal fees have been covered and that alone has given us this extra year of magick and amazingness, and I am so so grateful for that.

Here is our discount schedule for our store closing blowout sale. We remain open regular hours.

20% off: June 15th - 30th

30% off: July 1st - 15th

40% off: July 16th - 31st

50% off: August 1st - 30th

Fixtures & Equipment will start becoming available for presale Mid/Late July.

Of course we will honor gift cards right up until our last day, but after that I can't say it will be possible. If you have one, please come spend it.

T's & C's:

In store only

Services are not included

First Come First Serve, No Holds

Cash and Card only, NO CHECKS

$10 Card Minimum


All scheduled classes and services remain available unless we notify otherwise. Please consider supporting the amazing practitioners who have been a huge part of making Ritual the magickal oasis it is.

With much love (and sadness)

Holly @ Ritual

P.S. in the spirit of manifesting, we are holding space for the universe to send us a new home! If you know a commercial retail broker or if you know of any available commercial or retail space that could possibly work for us please email:


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