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Winter Spirit: Frau Perchta

FRAU PERCHTA Frau Perchta reaches new heights of terrifying in the holiday season. Were you good all year? Did you work hard and honor your rest on your holy days, keep a clean house, and were you charitable? Or maybe you overworked, or were give over to sloth, or perhaps you were naughty or greedy, you lied, or even wronged others this year. If the first part rings true, know that you'll be rewarded with a silver coin or small gift outside your door. But If you were the latter, than nothing can save you. Sometime between now and christmas, Frau Perchta and her children the Perchten are coming to claim you. Under her snow white skirts she carries a sharp blade, and uses it to disembowel the wicked, replacing their innards with straw and rocks as her wild horned perchten hold them down. Suddenly Krampus is looking pretty tame. The lore of Frau Perchta seems to emanate from the Alpine region of Europe (Northern Germany, and Switzerland) with mentions as early as the 10th century, and she may be an amalgamation of Norse, Germanic, and Slavic goddesses, with Holda and Frigg as the two most likely, and to me she carries shades of the Gryla and the Yule Lads lore as well as Baba Yaga. She is often accompanied by a horde of Krampus-esque figures called the Perchten. She considers these spirits to be her "children" and they're more than willing to do her bidding.

*Note: The 12 Days of Krampus is a promotional giveaway our shop runs during the holiday season, in which we give away little gifts that skew towards the left hand path, as it were. Below is the gift for the 7th Day of Krampus, a custom hex featuring Frau Perchta*

On the 7th Day of Krampus: A Frau Perchta Hex If you're feeling wronged (and brave) this holiday season, the following evocation will see that Frau Perchta pay a visit to the offending party Best performed sometime in the week before Christmas, but can be performed up until Jan 6th. You will need: A Black Candle & A candle Plate or holder An Image of Frau Perchta Evergreens (Pine, Holly, Mistletoe) Clove, Cinnamon, Oranges (dried or fresh) An image of the offending party A small offering of oatmeal with milk and honey (Perchtenmilch) *I highly advise casting a protective circle around yourself before conducting this work* Step 1: Arrange your altar with the image of Frau Perchta, the evergreens, and the clove cinnamon oranges Step 2: Place the bowl of Perchtenmilch in front of Frau Perchta's image. Intend that she enjoy it and you leave it in gratitude for her help in this matter. It's best to approach her with humble reverence. Step 3: Carve the name or a symbol of your target on one side of the candle, and carve the name or a symbol for Frau Perchta on the other side. Step 4: Place the image of your target flat on the altar. Place the candle in it's holder on top of it. Light the candle. Step 5: Say the following invocation: In dark of night, in frigid cold I summon ancient powers old A pain runs deep, thru blood and bone The guilty party must atone May terror seek them every night Until the wrong is set to right! Frau Perchta, I Call You! Frau Perchta, I Beseech You! Frau Perchta, I Thank You! Step 6: Sit in meditation for a bit, perhaps perform a candle gazing (watching the flame of the candle). Journal any messaged, feelings, intuitions, impressions, or inklings you have about the work. Step 7: Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse. Sage, Salt, Sound, etc. Whatever your preferred method make sure you're extra thorough. Step 8: Let the candle burn out completely. Burn Any Spell Remains. Step 9: Leave your altar in good condition until the day after the Epiphany Feast (January 6th)

Refresh the Perchtenmilch every night. You may dispose of the spent offerings in the woods.

Originally published in our weekly newsletter 12/22/22

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