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The Cold Moon

The next full moon is on December 7th at 11:08pm.

Known as the Cold Moon it marks the time of year for the winter solstice.

One of my favorite ways to honor this moon is to moon gaze while drinking a hot cup of herbal mint tea.

The stark contrast of the cool air and the hot tea are a reminder to take things slow and do things to keep yourself and your practice warm. Now is the time to conserve energy.

The coolness of the peppermint and the warm temperature of the tea are also a reminder that two supposedly opposite energies can coexist harmoniously in the same space.

You can also do a quick moon blessing over your tea mug before you drink it.

Hold you cup up to the moon (safely) and say the following:

"I invite you Cold Moon to lend me your power.

Help me conserve my energy for that which is worthy.

Help me recognize when I need rest.

Keep me warm and guide me safely these cold nights.

So I may greet your sister moons this spring.

Blessed Be"

Observe the steam as you say the incantation and see if you can spot any signs or spirits.

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