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Simple Gratitude Spell

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

This week I am so incredibly humbled and grateful for the support and success of the Salty Witch Samhain Market. The support shown to the local witchy community and it's artisans and practitioners is nothing short of amazing. Today's we will perform a simple Gratitude Spell. It can be used for small successes and large ones.

Simple Gratitude Spell You will need: 1 candle: Orange, Yellow, or White A handwritten thank-you note to your deity, the universe, or whomever you wish A safe burning vessel (cauldron) Optional: Herbs that correspond to your deity or thing you're thankful for Step 1: Cast a circle if your tradition calls for it

Step 2: Light the Candle and say "My gratitude shines as bright as the light from this candle"

Step 3: Read your thank-you note out loud, and from the heart.

Step 4: Carefully light the note on fire and place in your cauldron to burn Say: "May these words find their way to you, in gratitude for all you do"

Step 5: Add the herbal offering to the cauldron while the note is still burning.

Step 6: Let the candle burn all the way out.

If you need to extinguish the candle (for size or safety) say

"The flame may be extinguished but I remain forever thankful"

Step 7: Open the circle as your tradition calls for.

originally published Nov 1st 2022 Making Magick Newsletter


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