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Self Dedication: Part 4

SELF DEDICATION - PART 4 Post Dedication: The Year Ahead After your self dedication rite you'll likely have a lot of feelings, emotions, experiences to process. It's important to take the time for self care after your ritual. For some that might involve journaling (my favorite). It might involve a period of introspection/introversion. It might involve seeing friends and loved ones.

It might involve renewed vigor for a project or ideas for new ones.

FOCUS ON THE YEAR AHEAD The whole idea behind a self dedication is to commit yourself to being involved in a meaningful spiritual practice for the year ahead. That practice will look different to everyone. How would you like it to look this week? Month? Season? Year? What sabbats or feast days will you observe if any? What spells will you try? Etc. WEEK 4 JOURNAL PROMPTS: Reflection / Monthly Check-In Do you continue to experience anything after your dedication? Do you feel renewed in your practice? Why? Why not? What are some things that make you feel connected spiritually? Are you living up to your vows/oath? How so / Why not? Would you amend your oath next year? Why not / How so? What is new about your practice this month? What about your practice feels like it needs to change? Thank you so much for joining us in this mini class. May your fall and year be magickal.

originally published: Making Magick Newsletter Oct 24th 2022


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