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Self Dedication: Part 3

SELF DEDICATION - PART 3 Finalize and Perform Your Ritual For this part you'll need to refer to your journal. With your vow written and a rough idea of what you want your ritual to look like, it's time to finalize / formalize. Below is a potential outline for a self dedication ceremony but remember, your ritual is personal. This is by no means a rigid-must-do outline. The more of yourself you put into your ceremony, the more profound the experience will be.

Sample Self - Dedication Ceremony by: Holly Lemieux When to Perform: 12 am Nov. 1st Samhain What you'll need: A white and black candle Soil / Dirt (earth) A bowl/cup of Water (water) A Feather (air) Smokey Incense (fire) A copy of Your Vow Step 1: Cast a protective circle per your tradition Step 2: Cleanse and Consecrate your tools/items Step 3: Place the Soil, Feather, Lit Incense, and Water in the North, East, South, and west corners respectively. Step 4: Pick up the soil. Sprinkle some at your feet. Say the following "May earth give strong and nourishing foundations" Step 5: Pick up the feather. Swipe it over yourself, your head especially. Say the following "May Air help my ideas fly free and far" Step 6: Pick up the incense. Swirl the smoke around yourself. Say the following "May fire bring passion to my craft" Step 7: Pick up the water. Annoint yourself with it. Say the following "May water keep my intuition flowing" Step 8: Meditate for as long as you feel necessary, centering yourself as you do. Step 9: Say your oath/vows to your craft or deity now. Give any offerings, perform any additional spells or workings. Step 10: Go back into meditation open to any messages that may come. Step 11: Close your ceremony by giving thanks and opening the circle. WEEK 3 JOURNAL PROMPTS: Your Self Dedication What does your ritual look like? How do you feel in the days coming up to your dedication? What did you experience during your dedication? What did you experience after? Do you feel renewed in your practice? Why? Why not? Any other thoughts or feelings? Stay tuned for next week's lesson! Week 4: Post Dedication: The year ahead

originally published Oct 17th Making Magick Newsletter


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