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Self Dedication: Part 2

SELF DEDICATION - PART 2 Preparation Now that you've reflected a bit on whether or not a self dedication rite is right for you, lets talk a bit about how to perform one. Refer back to your journal exercise from last week where you wrote about what your practice looks like now, and how you'd like it to look in the future. A self dedication usually includes a vow or oath of some sort that is in alignment with where you are, and where you'd like to be, along with a ritual of self-consecration.

Step 1: Write your Vow Your Vow is the most important part of your dedication. The Vow/Oath you write should be personal. It's ok to look at what others have written or recommend, but it's always more meaningful/powerful when you write it yourself. Your oath can include a veneration or promise of worship to a specific deity if you'd like. It should also include a promise to practice your practice, and how you plan on growing. Example Oath: "I come before the light of Hecate, the three faced goddess, to make this solemn vow I dedicate myself to her mysteries, the known, the undiscovered, and the unknowable I vow to walk her path always. To conduct myself in ways that honor her. To always be curious, to keep an open mind, and to incorporate ritual into my life daily. I vow to do these things and more to the best of my ability. And So It Is, and So It Shall Be" ~by Holly Lemieux~ Step 2: Begin to Plan your ritual There are a myriad of ways to conduct an initiation/dedication ritual, but since this is a personal dedication, you can pretty much do what feels right to you without worrying about adhering to the set rules of a specific group or tradition. this week's journal promts will help you plan your ritual. WEEK 2 JOURNAL PROMPT: Questions to help plan your ritual Will you time your dedication to a moon phase or sabbat? What deity or spirits if any will you be calling in? Will you be casting a circle? Will you be using candles or herbs? which ones? Will you be performing this outside or inside? Do you need altar tools? (i.e. cauldron for fire safety?) Will you be dressed or skyclad? Will you be alone or will you be performing this ritual with others? What music will you play? Will you be giving an offering? and more. Stay tuned for next week's lesson! Week 3: Finalizing and Performing your dedication ritual

originally published: Oct 10th Making Magick Newsletter


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