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Self Dedication: Part 1

SELF DEDICATION - PART 1 What is Self Dedication? Hello friends! With the conclusion of Navratri and Samhain getting closer, I find myself thinking about new beginnings. The next 4 weeks "Magick Tricks" will be a free mini-class about self dedication, taking it in several steps. Samhain is sometimes viewed as the Witch's new year, and that's when many of us renew our vows to the craft or when new members are initiated into a coven. What do you do when you're not in a coven or when no coven is available?

You can perform a self dedication ritual. Self Initiation/Dedication is usually the preferred method for most solitary eclectic practitioners, as it leaves you free to create your own path and practice without the constraints or expectations of others. Self dedication is also sometimes necessary because of a lack of other practitioners in the area, for the personal safety of the practitioner, or a myriad of other reasons. So what is self dedication and why should I do it? Self dedication is basically when a practitioner formally declares or devotes themselves to a spiritual path. It's also a time when you can vow yourself to certain deities, studies, or energies. For many, a self dedication is profoundly personal. It's a reminder that you are the craft, and the craft is you. WEEK 1 JOURNAL PROMPT: Am I ready to (re)dedicate myself to my craft? The first step of your dedication journey is to decide if you're ready. Break out your journal and write about what you're feeling about dedication. What has your practice looked like in the past year? What would you like your practice to look like? Do you feel connected to your practice? Why? How do you think a self dedication would change your practice, if at all? Stay tuned for next week's lesson!

originally published Oct 3rd 2022 Making Magick Newsletter


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