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Return To Sender

Sometimes Life, People, and all the things that come with it are just a big ole' pile of "No, Thank you." While sometimes a result of things like Blood Moons and Eclipses it doesn't mean you're stuck holding the energetic bag. If you've been on the receiving end of some yucky energy, use this "Return to Sender" spell to send it right back to whence it came.

You will Need: An Envelope A Stamp

A piece of paper The Sigil below

Step 1: Copy the sigil on to a piece of paper. As you do imagine the energy you wish to send back streaming into the image. Step 2: Put the paper in the envelope and seal it. Step 3: Put the stamp on the envelope, in the proper place. Step 4: Address the envelope to a place that doesn't exist. i.e. Gingerbread House 123 Hansel Gretel Lane Fariytale Town, USA Step 5: DO NOT PUT A RETURN ADDRESS ON THE ENVELOPE. Step 6: Drop the letter in a random postal drop box. As you do say: "I send this back to where it's from, it's hold on me has come undone. May it find the right address, postage paid by witch express."

Originally Published: Making Magick Newsletter: Nov 14th


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