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Post Holiday Magickal Slump?

I spent a good part of the week thinking about what the article of the week would be about and kept coming up empty handed. If you're like me you may have noticed a bit of a slump in your magickal activities in the past week. And that's ok. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays and the new year finally behind us it's only natural that you may be feeling drained or run down.

January is a time of rest, and with the moon waning this week the time is right to give yourself the needed space to recharge. A magickal practice doesn't always have to be complicated, time consuming, or hard. Here are a few ways to "stay connected" when you find yourself in a period of rest:

  • Communicate with your "spirit team". Let any deities, guides, spirits, etc. know that you need a little down time, and you may be not as active/absent from your practice for a while. Ask them to "take the wheel" as-it-were and tell them know you always hold love/gratitude for them. Trust that they have your back always.

  • Choose small simple acts of practice that don't require much time/effort. These can include things like: Intentionally stirring your beverage in a specific direction Putting an intentional herb you already have into your cooking (bay leaves are amazing for this) Lighting candles Short breathing exercises in the car Lighting incense Listening to relaxing music Anything that's easy and effortless is perfect

  • Mindfully enjoy the things you do in your secular life. Naps, Tea, Arts & Crafts, Crossword puzzles, video games, lunch breaks with yummy foods, an evening with a good book, watching an episode of the Office, etc. can all be spiritual experiences if you savor them.

  • Sometimes, to learn new aspects of spiritual practice, you have to make space for that learning by "putting down" your current spiritual practice. That's ok too. If you're the type of person that feels best when they're engaged; focusing on a new class, a new book, a new game, or a new art project might be just the thing you need to help you feel invigorated and connected. Don't overload yourself, though. It's perfectly acceptable to make space for the new by pausing the old.

  • Choose a time to come back to your full practice that works for you. Don't force it. The best part about a spiritual practice is it's always there for you when you need it, and it wont judge you for having been away for a while, and you can pick up right where you left off. You'll know when the time is right.

What are some of the ways you make the most of your spiritual down time?

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