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Oshun & A Bathing Ritual

OSHUN Orisha of Rivers and Love Ọṣun or Oshun is the youngest of the Seven Primordial Orishas (there are said to be 400 + 1 orishas , or perhaps a better translation is "however many you can think of, plus one more" meaning they're innumerable) It is said she was brought into creation by Olodumare (The Supreme Creator) to help Shango create the world. Previous attempts had failed because they lacked anything feminine.

Ọṣun holds dominion over Rivers and Sweet (potable) Waters. She's a goddess of love, fertility, sexuality, and feminine divinity, making her a wonderful addition to your Valentine's Day celebration. Additionally, she's often associated with the number 5 and multiples of 5 (feb 14.. 1+4 = 5)! She's funny, generous, and charming. Many describe her as "the life of the party" or as the kind of energy who lights up a room. To me her energy is warm, welcoming, kind, youthful, and yes, funny. After working with her my face often hurts from smiling so much (she thinks I have a serious case of resting b* face... she's not wrong). She is sometimes known as the Queen of Witches, although that honor may belong to her sister Oya, depending on the tradition. Both Orishas are said to be the keepers and teachers of divine mysteries and magicks. Oshun loves to be venerated and adored. She enjoys gifts of sunflowers, honey, sweet spices and fruits, and refreshing liquors. Those that pay her proper adoration are often granted wishes to their heart's content. Ọṣun is known as one of the most generous Orishas, perhaps making her the most popular. That being said, she should be approached with care, as broken promises or being neglected can cause one to lose her favor, which can be catastrophic. That being said, my experience is she just appreciates clear communication. When I do pay veneration to her, which isn't as often as I probably should or would like to, I approach her with respect and the same joy of seeing a best friend you haven't hung out with in a while. When we finish our work together I tell her that even though I get too busy to connect sometimes she's not far from my thoughts and always in my heart. Oddly, I haven't asked her for anything, and I don't know that I ever will. I just feel so lucky that I get the chance to hang out in her energy. That, alone, is such a gift. Valentine's Day Ọṣun Bath You will need: An image of Ọṣun for your altar (you will need to venerate her for 5 days after the bath) A bathtub 2 candles (White, Gold, Or Coral colors) 2 cups milk (or colloidal oats) 1/4 cup honey 3 cinnamon sticks 5 orange slices (dried or fresh) Sunflower heads or yellow & pink roses to float in the water (optional) Step 1: Decide on which aspect of Ọṣun you want to enhance in yourself. Love, Sensuality, Fertility, Generosity, etc. Step 2. Place a candle on the left and right edge of the bath if it's safe to do so, creating a sacred "gateway" Step 3: Prepare the bath. Make the bath at the temperature you enjoy. Add the milk and honey and cinnamon as the bathtub fills, so they mix together. Make sure the honey melts. Step 4: Float the oranges and flowers. Step 5: Place the image of Ọṣun where you can see it from the tub. Step 6: Prepare to enter the tub. before you do say the following: Beautiful Ọṣun of the rivers, Primordial Mother, Blessed Goddess I ask that the best qualities of you be reflected in myself. May *insert quality here* flow around me and within in me, with the grace and power of the rivers over which you preside. Step 7: Step into the tub and enjoy your bath. Meditate on your desire, and Ọṣun's energy. Add whatever else feels right to your ritual. Step 8: After you've enjoyed your bath, Place Ọṣun's image on your altar. Give her a fresh offering and prayer of thanks for 5 days in a row.

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