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New Moon on Saturday 1/21/23

DARK / NEW MOON: Jan 21st, 3:53pm Aquarius The first New Moon of the year, this is a powerful time for any working involving manifestation, but lately I've been feeling uninspired. Luckily, this moon is in Aquarius, a sign of ideas, inspiration, and innovation! Below is a spell for calling in all three of those qualities this new moon:

You Will Need: A White & Blue Candle A Feather Lit Incense A Bell A pouring vessel filled with water, wine, or some other libation A cup A Pen & Paper Step 1: Place the Feather, Incense, and Bell in front of the pitcher and cup. Place the white candle to the right and the blue candle to the left, light them. Place your pen and paper to the side. Step 2: Cast a circle if your practice calls for it, cleanse and consecrate the items if your practice calls for it. Step 3: Call forth the Element of Air "I call forth the element of Air, Witness and Empower this working" Step 4: Hold up the feather over the pitcher "I call forth my Muse of Inspiration! May you always bless me with the spark of creation!" Step 5: Hold up the incense and swirl it around the pitcher "I call forth my Muse of Intellect! May you elevate that spark into bright ideas!" Step 6: Hold up and ring the bell over/around the pitcher "I call forth my Muse of Innovation! May you use that bright light to guide those ideas into the world!" Step 7: Pour your libation into the cup. Hold up the cup "May I always be a vessel for Inspiration, Intellect, and Innovation." Step 8: Drink the libation. Step 9: Take a few deep centering breaths, then pick up the pen and paper, and begin to write down your stream of consciousness. Don't worry too much about it making sense, just hold space for your thoughts to flow. Write until you feel you are done. Step 10: Give thanks to the Muses and Element Air Step 11: End your circle as your practice dictates If you choose to, you can reread what you wrote. Interpret as you see fit.

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