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Merry Meet Ostara 2023

Spring Equinox Mon, Mar 20, 2023 5:24 PM

Merry Meet everyone! Spring is finally upon us and for witches, pagans, shamans alike this means... we can officially begin enjoying Cadbury Mini Eggs! While I'm mostly kidding (mostly), the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere marks a time when rites of fertility and preparation for the abundant months ahead begin. Rabbits, eggs, lambs, sprouting seeds are all symbolic of that feeling of nurturing and rebirth and are to be celebrated, welcome, and enjoyed by all.

Goddesses & Gods to be celebrated this time of year would include Ostara (for whom the sabbat is named), Astarte, Persephone, Idun, Freya, Oya & Oshun, Apollo & Helios, Osiris and more. There are many ways to celebrate Ostara but a few ideas might include: Refreshing your Altar(s) Spring Cleaning with a ritual floor wash or sweeping Egg hunts, Egg Dying (and other easter activities) Starting your spring seeds & tending to garden beds Viewing the Sunrise and Sunset on the same day Spending time in nature observing the waking wildlife and plant life Cleaning and refreshing bird feeders and backyard feeding stations Personally, I like to do a forest or beach clean-up as I spend time there. Each piece of litter I take away is my offering to the spirits of spring How will you observe Ostara this season and what are you most looking forward to this spring?


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