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Love Spell Tea

Looking for a quick way to infuse more romance or love into your life? This daily ritual is fast, easy, and delicious. You will need: Hot or iced tea 9 rose petals

Honey or Sugar

1. Pour or Steep your tea in a favorite glass or mug. Add the rose petals, stirring clockwise 2. Say the following: "Spirit of Rose, infuse this drink with love, so I may also be infused with love." 3. Add the honey or sugar to taste, stirring clockwise 4. Say the following: "Spirit of Honey/Sugar, as you sweeten this drink, sweeten the energies of love/romance to me. BLESSED BE." 5. Drink your tea. A note on rose petals: Not all rose petals are safe for consumption. Visit our shop for safe, organically grown herbs and florals.

Originally Published: Making Magick newsletter 7/11/22


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