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Imbolc & Divination

Feb 1st 2023 Imbolc/Candlemas

Aside from watching the Much beloved film, Groundhog's Day, I always like to celebrate Imbolc by observing the weather, and watching for the animal omens as the original holiday dictated. You may do this for as much as a week before the holiday. What animals do you see? Do they hold special meaning to you? What can you observe about their behavior? What does all of this tell you? Animal divination has a long and storied history in pagan/witchcraft traditions.

Alternatively, you can perform a wax divination on Candlemas night. Because of the strong association with animal divination I like to intend that I'm only looking for animal symbolism in the wax, but you may perform the divination any way you see fit. You will need: A candle A bowl of water A plate or paper towel Consecrate a candle for ritual use Ask a question Light the candle Drip the wax into a bowl of water until you feel you are done Wait for the wax to solidify and take it out of the water Interpret the shapes

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