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Happy Veneralia

VENERALIA April 1st, 2023

Most people regard April 1st as a day of light hearted pranking and bad puns, but it's also a feast day for the goddess Venus. There is some conflict as to whether or not this festival was to celebrate out-and-out lust or a form or sexual morality that would benefit the family, society, and the Roman State. Likely it was both, depending on the time in which the festival was celebrated. The festival is also loosely tied to the cult of Fortuna Virilis, in which Fortuna serves as the goddess of fate and fortune in relationships and romance.

The most well known tradition for the Veneralia involves having the purest devotees of Venus taking her effigy from the temple to men's baths to bathe and dress her and adorn her with flower garlands before taking her back to the temple. The day would also include the cleaning of home altars, large meals, and petitions to the goddess for love, fortune, protections, and more. It would have also been an auspicious day for betrothal and match making. If you wish to celebrate the Veneralia today ideas for a more modern celebration include: Cleaning and decorating altars with images of Venus, or her Greek counterpart, Aphrodite. Giving offerings of Flowers to the goddess Bathing your feet in the ocean Going out for a spa treatment while invoking Venus Performing Spells or Rites for Love, Romance, or Protection Cooking or going out for a romantic dinner Indulging in aphrodisiacs (chocolate, oysters, flowers, libations, perfumes, etc.) An informal renewal of vows with your partner or partners and more If you choose to, how will you celebrate this auspicious day?


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