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First Quarter Moon Abundance Spell

QUARTER MOON ABUNDANCE SPELL: The First Quarter moon is a great time to usher in fall and abundance with the following spell You Will Need: A Front Door An outdoor welcome mat 5 bay leaves Salt A silver colored coin (a quarter works best) Step 1:Lift up the doormat in front of your front door. Step 2: Arrange the bay leaves in the shape of a 5 pointed star Step 3. Create a circle of salt around the outside of the bay leaves Step 4: Place the quarter in the center of the leaves

Step 5: Say the following "Days are cooler, shorter now as summer nears it's end Here comes the harvest season when abundance is our friend All who tread upon this mat and walk thru our front door Will want for nothing all their days, abundance evermore." Step 6: Place the mat back down over the threshold, go about your day P.S. check out our assortment of salts and herbs

Originally Published: Making Magick Newsletter Aug 29th 2022


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