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Crystal collections. As witches, lightworkers, etc. we all have them. Every time I walk into a crystal shop my inner magpie gets an intense case of the "Oh! Shiny!"s and inevitably someone comes home with me.

But what then? Does the stone wind up in my pocket? Sometimes. On an altar? Of course. In a drawer, forgotten? Guilty. Completely lost in the bottomless pit that is the center console of my car? Absolutely. Why do we pick the stones we do, and after we have them what should we be doing with them? How can we better cultivate a relationship with our stones? One thing that's kind of dawned on me in the past year-and-a-half is how prescriptive we are with our stones. We think they all have specific jobs for specific systems and specific needs. We only use them when we're having specific problems, or are doing specific things. We've completely cut out the most important thing when it comes to working with these precious earth spirits... our and their inner knowing. I'd like you to do something for yourself, right now, in this moment. Put down your work, minimize all the windows and tabs and apps on your phone. Pick up your nearest crystal. Not your favorite, not your biggest, not the one you think you "work best with". Pick up the one that's in arm's reach, or in your pocket (or bra), or cup holder, or on your desk, etc. Hold that stone in your hand right now, close to your heart. Close your eyes. Take a deep centering breath or two or three. Think back to when you got your stone. Was it a gift? Did you purchase it yourself? Find it on a beach walk? Remember the feeling you had when you first held it. Say "Hello" to that little stone spirit, again or for the first time. Ask it what it's name is. Ask your stone what you're here to do together. Thank it for being in your life. Tell it it's loved, cherished, and appreciated. Feel the love and energy radiate between you and your stone. Recognize the sacred bond between you both. Take another deep breath, then open your eyes. How was your experience?

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