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Crown Chakra Healing Rinse

NEW MOON IN PISCES Monday, Feb 20th 2:05am As I write this the New Moon in Pisces has come and gone and we're technically in the Waxing Crescent phase at .6% visibility. BUT, this was the last new moon of the zodiac year and the second of the calendar year, so it would be a shame to let that power go to waste.

The Piscean phase is symbolic of our connection to our intuition, creativity, and our own inner mysteries, making this an ideal time to cleanse and reaffirm our connection energetic connection to the cosmos. Crown Chakra Healing Rinse This floral rinse is for immediate use. There is no preservative. Do not save any part of this rinse for later use. To do so is unsafe. You will need: 1 clear quartz crystal a handful or two of sacred lotus petals 4 cups Fresh Water A pan or tea kettle A bowl you can safely pour boiling water in a strainer a jar for your water Set your water to boil. As you wait for the water to boil, place the strainer in the bowl, and place most of your lotus petals in the strainer. Set some aside for later. Once the water boils pour the water over the petals and into the bowl to steep for 3-5 minutes. Lift out the strainer and the spent petals Once your flower water is cool enough, place it in a clean mason jar. Close the lid. Place the quartz crystal on top. Do not place the crystal inside the liquid. Let the floral water cool completely. Take an evening shower, brining your fresh rinse and the clear quartz crystal with you. At the end of your shower, you will pour the floral water over the top of your head, saying a prayer, affirmation, etc. for cleansing / healing your crown chakra. Example: May this sacred water wash away anything that may be blocking my connection to the divine universe. Like the lotus may my mind continue to blossom and be open to her sacred mysteries. As you pour the water imagine a brilliant light of silver, white, gold, purple, etc. stream down over you, into your mind, clearing away anything that may be stuck, murky, or heavy, making room for new insight, creativity, etc. When you are done with your shower, and ready for bed, place the clear quartz crystal and a few lotus petals under your pillow or on your nightstand. If you can remember them, journal your dreams when you wake up in the morning.

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