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A Spell To Bend Time

Between the Past Lives class coming up (see above) and daylight savings having just happened, time travel has been on my mind a bunch lately. Why do we experience time as linear? Can time be bent or traversed? When is Deja Vu considered time travel? Can time truly be considered a 4th dimension? What if the DeLorean never reached 88mph? Ok, that last one aside, time travel is weird and wonderful and fun to argue with friends about. One of my favorite personal magickal experiments is bending time with the use of spellwork.

Whether or not bending time with spells, incantations, etc works, is certainly up for debate, but in a pinch when I'm running a bit late for things, I swear the incantation below has been endlessly helpful in getting me where I need to be, within 5 minutes of the intended deadline, safely. Never Late is Better Spell Call in your guides / guardians / etc. Picture a bubble around yourself (and your mode of transportation if applicable), slowing everyone around you down enabling you to move faster in time. Chant the following incantation 3 times: I am outside of time I am outside of fate I arrive early I arrive safe DO NOT LOOK AT A CLOCK until you get to where you're going, it will break the spell. Maintain the visualization of the bubble until you arrive at your destination. Experiment with this as often as you'd like. Did it work for you? Under what conditions? Can you extend the amount of time you save? Happy Time Travels!

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