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A Ritual Bath for Psychic Ability

RITUAL BATH FOR PSYCHIC ABILITY you will need: A bath tub Handful of Mugwort and/or Blue Lotus Handful of Sea Salt 5 bay leaves 2 Candles, choose from these colors: White/Indigo/Purple/Silver

Step 1: Fill your bathtub with water that is a comfortable temperature.

Step 2: Place a candle on the left and right side of the tub's edge, creating an "Entrance way." Light them if it is safe to do so. Step 3: Add the Salt, and say: "Salt, to purify the one, the all." Step 4: Add the Mugwort/Lotus, and say: "Mugwort/lotus, to expand inner vision." Step 5: Add the Bay, one leaf at a time, and say: "Bay to unite the may as one. Body, Mind, Passion, Emotion, Spirit" Step 6: Step into the tub, and say: "I enter the psychic waters freely and of my own accord. May they guide me on my journey" Step 7: Be mindful of the sensation of the water washing over you. Pour some of the water over your head, wash your 3rd eye with it. Step 8: Relax and meditate in the tub if possible. see if any thoughts, visions, etc come to you while you soak. Step 9: When you are done with your bath, Stand up and step out of the tub, and say: "I leave these waters freely, and of my own accord. I invite the gift of sight to stay with me. Where one journey ends another begins." Step 10: Drain the tub. Say the following: "I thank the spirits of the water and herbs for working with me tonight, and always. Blessed Be" P.S. check out our assortment of salts and herbs

Originally Published: Making Magick Newsletter Sept. 5th 2022


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